For your companies or establishments

We will recruit new staff from foreign countries.

Hiring the right employees is not always easy but
you can succeed with our help. Believe us.

What do we help with?

Our agency has got a sufficient number of people interested to work in less appealing fields of the Czech labour market.
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We will seek the right candidates for your vacancies.

You can choose from a number of suitable job-seekers – young people up to the age of 35 years interested in finding a stable job.

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We will arrange a job interview at our client´s place.

We will take care of the entrance interview – your human resources staff do not have to bother with useless paperwork☺.

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We help with attestation of the chosen candidates

Finding the right people for your company does not mean the end of our work. We will take care of these people; we will train them and prepare them for their positions.

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We encourage career growth

We are in contact with the candidates and future employees all the time and we provide them opportunities for their professional development to help them work more effectively.

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We ensure communication between candidates and companies

We put emphasis on fluent communication and good relations between the candidates and companies they are going to work for.

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We maintain long-term partnerships with the companies

We establish long-term partnerships with our clients, who we treat professionally and with respect.

Who are our candidates?


They come from Bangladesh and South Asia

South Asia is the biggest and the most populous region in Asia. According to the World Bank announcement, South Asia is a region with the fastest growing economy. South Asia comprises of several countries, e.g. Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India or Nepal.


They have rich cultural heritage and values

Each country of South Asia has got a rich history of thousands of years. Many civilizations and cultures occupied the South Asian region during the times. It is also a crossroads of many religious influences and the birthplace of the world´s major religions.


They are energetic young people willing to work

Agriculture played a central role in South Asian economies for a long time. However, over the past years South Asia has been experiencing a massive growth of industry. There are rich deposits of iron ore, metals, diamonds, black coal or salt.

What areas do we cover?

We will find top-quality employees for companies and stable jobs for candidates

No grey economy

We always comply with ethical, social, moral and marketing standards.

No temporary staff

We are searching top-quality and responsible workers you will be able to rely on.

No concerns from your side

We will take care of everything – from choosing the right employee to administrative processes.

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